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This calculator no longer uses a simulation to allocate ancients. It's now math based similar to the Rules of Thumb.
This calculator displays but does not currently offer suggestions for Thusia and Chronos. These ancients have little to no effect on short optimized runs.
For Clickable/Hybrid and Clickable/Active starts, simulation adds 60 seconds to setup time to Idle before the food/candy is clicked.
Start Type "Both" is a clickable start followed by skills, no 60 second delay is used. Useful for some Iris levels when the clickable doesn't provide enough gold to get started quickly. Be aware, that use of skills in Idle runs will mean the simulation may stall after the skills/clicking ends until Idle is reached 60 seconds later.
Paste save data (click wrench, click Save, close the save prompt because its already copied to clipboard):

Optimal level:
Transition level:
Expected rubies:
Improvement over current:
Souls spent on ancient levels:
New ancient suggestions:
Please import a save for suggestions
Leave current level blank or 0 if you don't own the ancient. Adjusting ancient levels will not update unspent Hero Souls.
Hero Souls
Efficiency indicates the expected change to Hero Souls per run if you switched your gilds to the indicated hero(es). This calculation includes the souls lost for each regild. If you do not have enough unspent Hero Souls, N/A is displayed. Adjusting gild levels will not update unspent Hero Souls. If it's more efficient, 1 gild will be put on a transitional hero as noted in the last column.
I only recommend regilding if the efficiency is 1% or more.
Efficiency shows the percentage increase in HS/hour if you only had that relic compared to having none. Since the calculator now evaluates each relic individually as opposed to 4 at a time it means it can test more than 5 relics. However, relics which affect each others value will no longer be reflected as such. Also note that the best short term relic may not be the best long term. To learn more, please check the relic FAQ.
You can enter custom relics below. When the new relic is added, the Level field may be adjusted if it's outside the range of possible values given the powers you assigned. The power at level 50 in the popup may be inaccurate for custom relics.

This tab contains other settings gathered from the save file used in the simulation. Mobile players can enter them manually to improve the simulation.
2x Multiplier in Shop
Highest Zone Ever
Total DPS% from Achievements
This tab contains the results of Iris simulations at various levels limited by your unspent Hero Souls. It takes into account the cost of upgrading Iris but not the initial summoning cost. Efficiency ratings are for active players or those using scripts. Casual players won't benefit as much and may have better results with lower Iris levels/longer runs. Generally, Iris values (including relics) which start a run on or just before a boss are optimal.
LevelEfficiencySouls/HrTimeOptimal Zone
This table shows the order the heroes are purchased in the simulator. Gold is the amount of gold spent so far on all ancients (including Dogcog). DPS is the base damage of all heroes including Argaiv but no other ancients. This plan begins after all heroes are unlocked and all upgrades are purchased up to and including Frostleaf.
This table shows cumulative stats at the end of each 5 levels of the best run of the simulation. The first entry may not reflect a full 5 levels due to iris level. I recommend pasting this table in a spreadsheet.
Optimizer is based on the code by /u/rler which in turn was based on the original calculator and source from rivsoft.
Visit /r/clickerheroes for more info.
Last updated 5/11/2016 by /u/philni